Alien Face Hugger

Sea Spider Hoax

I woke up this morning to disturbing photos in my Facebook Newsfeed. According to various random blog posts the photos below are of a newly discovered type of sea spider. While there is no credible source listed anywhere… there is one quote circulating with the photos: “Scientists recently discovered the body of a giant sea spider like organism in antarctic waters. The origin of this species is unknown, and it is unclear whether or not there are more of these terrifying creatures roaming the oceans.”

Sea Spider

Needless to say the pics have sufficiently freaked out anyone who has either 1.) a fear of spiders or 2.) seen the Alien movies.

Well as it turns out, it resembles the “facehugger” from Alien because… it was actually a prop from Alien3. This is a “queen facehugger” that was created and filmed for the movie but never actually made it to the big screen. ::sigh of relief::

Alien 3 Face Hugger