Month: September 2013

Wedding Day Style: Pregnant Kailyn Lowry of ‘Teen Mom 2’


On September 21st “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry walked down the isle for the second time with long time boyfriend (and father of her soon to be second child) Javi Marroquin! The two officially got married in a small court house ceremony last year before Javi joined the Air Force. Now the two are celebrating with all their friends and family in a big under the sea style wedding. It all took place at an aquarium, surrounded by exotic fish and shark tanks!

Seriously though, lets talk about the bride’s look on her wedding day. Kailyn first and foremost wore her nearly 8 month baby bump with pride as she walked down the isle! Her hair was done in simple and classic loose curls. She had a touch of sparkle in the form of a jewel encrusted headband. Thankfully Kailyn went back to being blond after a recent failed attempt to go brunette!

The reality star let her natural beauty shine through with very neutral light makeup and the perfect shade of pink lips. And don’t think for one second that she was going to cover up her massive tattoos. She let her half sleeve and back piece show. She has always been proud of her tattoos and insisted they are beautiful works of art that she will never be ashamed of. You go girl!

Kailyn’s nails were cut short and sparkled in the light thanks to an ombre effect with some glitter polish on top of a soft shade of pink. (Done with the help of her good friend Gigi) For jewelry all she wore were simple crystal Swarovski earrings.

The bride wore a white lace gown with a V neckline. The groomsmen wore pale purple vests and ties. All in all the style for the wedding was simple, and classic with an under water twist! Take a look at the happy couple:



The Next Gangnam Style? Introducing “The Fox”

I wasn’t sure if another viral video would come and take the spotlight off ‘Gangnam Style’ (and honestly I’m not sure if I’m ready to let it go yet!) but on September 3rd this little gem hit the web.  “The Fox” by Ylvis (some group from Norway) has become another internet sensation with nearly nine million hits on youtube and climbing.


My interpretation of this video… it looks like a costume Halloween party in which guests venture into the woods where they no doubt eat mushrooms and smoke weed; which of course leads them to wonder what the hell sound a fox makes, because honestly not many people know. (Fun fact: They actually scream in a way that sounds like a woman being murdered. Seriously. Google it.)

If you haven’t watched this bizarre video yet, today is your lucky day. See it below: